Our Story

Let's be honest, marketing and education are often not good friends...

In fact, they usually don’t play very well at all. But, let’s be clear about the reason for marketing your school. The long-term success (educationally, financially, socially and, if you’re a faith based school, spiritually) of a school is dependent solely on a sufficient intake of suitable students at an acceptable cost of acquisition. It’s the cold hard truth.

Luckily, we know that the key to converting your prospective enrolments into confirmed enrolments relies on a robust marketing communications (marcom) strategy, underpinned by a brand promise and traits that are aligned with your school’s values and unique selling points.

Our education services are organised into insight and application programs – a suite of programs that deliver the core marcom fundamentals to support your school’s strategic goals and objectives – and marcom services.

Vision and Values

Our business philosophy is simple

We aim to be the most responsive and customer oriented team that you interact with on a daily basis. Underpinning everything we do is our vision and values.


Our vision is to deliver an extraordinary level of service in every point of contact in a personal and professional manner, and to add real value to our clients’ business and organisation.


Values we live by in pursuit of our vision

  • Make others successful
  • Be optimistic
  • Take ownership
  • Be reliable
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity
  • Integrity and honesty

Our team

A shared passion...

Brad Entwistle

Founding Partner

Andrew Sculthorpe

Managing Partner

Carrie Anderson

Alissa Cass

Lindy Chu

Hayley Emmett

Nadia Feletti

Shelley Garcia-Webb

John Igglesden

Peter Ion

Rita Kilroy

Vanessa Klomp

Lauren Lambert

Kristian Lawrence

Charlie Maughan

Sarah Millinson

Rachel Morse

Emily Newman

Clare Ravasini

Gilbert Siahaan

Kate Valance

Fiona Volke

Sebastian Wattam

Marie White

Suzanne Willcock

Frazer Woodhead

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